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Hi, I am Dejan Zivanov

I am a FULLSTACK Developer

Junior Full Stack Developer with 2 years of experience in web development industry. 


About Me

My name is Dejan Zivanov. I was born in Pancevo, Serbia, 1992.  During high school days I was creating old Flash Games that brought us so many hours of joy and good memories. After flash down fall, I have discovered my passion in web development industry and creating wonderful websites.

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My Skillset

Web development

From start to finish, a beautiful website.


Experience in database migration.

Dev Ops

Experience in handling server errors and proper configurations.

Experience Meets Expertice

I believe my strengths are that I am a person who can work under a lot of stress. I regard myself to be a very open minded person, ready for new challenge, especially when it comes to technology. People consider me to be a social, temperamental person who doesn’t hesitate in giving my opinion for what I think and believe in, honest and respectfully.

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